Car Reveal Cover Black

Car Reveal Covers



Available in black and silver our Reveal covers are made from a high gloss, nontransparent polyester fabric. We offer 3 different sizes – Cars up to 4.5 metres long, Cars up to 4.9 metres long and 4x4s/Vans up to 5.2 metres long. It is specially designed in an oval shape so that when it’s placed over a vehicle it won’t have excess material draped on the floor each side of the vehicle.

They are not fastened to the car in any way so the reveal can be effected by taking the corner and walking away allowing a stylish reveal at new car launches, shows and VIP events or in customer vehicle hand over areas.

As they simply ‘fall over’ the back and side of the car completely covering it, they also offer a indoor car cover solution for cars parked in a very small garagesor close to a side wall in a storage facility where it is difficult to fit a traditional cover. 

They are supplied in a sturdy zipped storage bag.

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Weight 2.8 kg

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Discarnect Battery Master Switch

Auto Express said “Like all the best ideas, Dis-Car-Nect is simple and very effective” awarded their 5 star highest rating!

‘Dis-Car-Nect’ fits in minutes to ALL battery types.  Simply unscrew the black knob and, if the ‘fuse link is fitted, current will be maintained to all electrics – except the starter motor which will blow the fuse if an attempt is made to start the car!

If the ‘fuse link’ is not fitted all power is cut-off preventing battery drain and electrical fires in classic cars and cars in storage.


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Richbrook Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps
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Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps

An incredibly tough teflon tether threads onto the wheels valve ensuring that the valve cap can never be lost when checking tyre pressures. The cap itself is free to spin easily within this tether and, better yet, the pack contains a smart little knurled aluminium “Clean Fingers” security tool to ensure that no matter how much dirt, salt or brake dust is on your rims, you never need get your fingers dirty again!

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Richbrook Trickle Charger
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Battery Trickle Charger

Simply connect the Intelligent 12 volt / 3.3 amps Battery Trickle Charger your cars battery and forget about it!

‘Intelligent’ circuitry means It will automatically maintain a full charge, switching on and off as need be so your battery will always be fully charged when you want to use your car.

No more jump starting your car – which can damage circuitry on more modern cars – or replacing batteries which have gone flat once too often and do not hold a full charge anymore.


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