Richbrook Door Sill Protector

Door Sill Protector



Made of polished stainless steel, the Richbrook Door Sill Protectors are fitted with 3M self-adhesive fitment so no drilling is required. Available for 2 door or 4 door vehicles.

  • 2 Door sill protectors fit all cars with a minium sill area of 80cm x 3cm
  • 4 Door sill protectors fit all cars with a minium sill area of 55cm x 3cm (front) and 20cm x 3cm (rear)
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Richbrook Boot Lip & Bumper Protector
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Boot Lip & Bumper Protector

Painted bumpers and heavy loads have never made a good mix – until now! Make loading and unloading your boot easier with the Richbrook Boot Lip & Bumper Protector. This super tough load protector simply Velcro’s into your boot and eases loading and un-loading for the life of your car and beyond. Perfect for the weekly shop, runs to the tip, camping holidays…well, just about anything really and at about a fifth of the cost of repairing the paint.

  • Size: 73cm x 29cm when tucked away neatly in your boot, 73cm x 58cm when unfolded protecting your paintwork
  • Patented neoprene and nylon ensure it grips to the bumper and it Velcro’s to your boot in seconds
  • Protects the appearance and resale value of your car.



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Richbrook Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps
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Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps

The last a lifetime stainless steel valve cap has a Teflon tether which threads onto the wheel valve ensuring that the valve cap will never ever be lost again when checking your tyre pressures!

The cap itself is free to spin easily within this tether and the pack contains a smart little knurled aluminium ‘Clean Fingers’ on/off security tool to ensure that no matter how much dirt or brake dust is on your rims, you never need get your fingers dirty again.

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Richbrook Bumper & Paintwork Protector
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Bumper & Paintwork Protectors


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Bumper & Paintwork Protectors

The Richbrook Bumper & Paintwork Protector helps to hide existing scratches on your cars’ bodywork while the squidgy, hi-elastic impact cushioning prevents further bodywork damage.

  • Contains: 2 x bumper protectors
  • Simple, self-adhesive fitment – can be removed if required
  • Car wash proof

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Richbrook Car Seat Cover
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Richbrook Car Seat Cover

Save your car interior from the everyday detritus of dirt and grease with a Richbrook Car Seat Cover. This universal fit Richbrook car seat cover allows all known SRS systems to work as they should – protecting the occupants as well as your upholstery.

  • Seat side airbag (SRS) compatible
  • Lycra stretch panels on both sides making for a snug, tailored look
  • Hard wearing, waterproof and wipe-clean fabric that suit most front car seats and covers the entire seat back right to the base

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