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Locking Kit for Richbrook Outdoor Car Covers


The plastic coated steel cable goes under your car through the secure steel eyelets fitted into the lower hems of all our outdoor car covers and is secured in position with the good quality lock supplied.

This effectively secures the cover to the car and acts as a visible theft deterrent.

The neoprene covered lock and plastic coated cable ensure that no part of the kit can scratch your car.

If fitting to a non-Richbrook cover make sure you have eyelets to thread the cable through.

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Overbody Storm Strap Set for Outdoor Car Covers

The kit comprises 3 heavy duty straps with easy-click fasteners which fit to the outside of your car cover in the bonnet, screen & roof areas. A storage bag is included.

The straps go under & over your vehicle and can help prevent billowing and damage during windy conditions.

2 straps are 5.7m long and can be positioned over the bonnet and the boot. 1 strap is 7.5m long and can be positioned over the roof of the car.


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Richbrook Microfibre Car Duster Brush

Our very soft Microfibre Car Duster Brush efficiently and safely removes dust from car bodywork prior to fitting a cover.

This duster is specially formulated to attract dust particles and safely remove them from paintwork, chrome & glass. The duster head can be removed for washing.

It is 66cm long for quick car coverage and it features a padded grip handle and is supplied with a zipped storage sleeve.


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Discarnect Battery Master Switch

Auto Express said “Like all the best ideas, Dis-Car-Nect is simple and very effective” awarded their 5 star highest rating!

‘Dis-Car-Nect’ fits in minutes to ALL battery types.  Simply unscrew the black knob and, if the ‘fuse link is fitted, current will be maintained to all electrics – except the starter motor which will blow the fuse if an attempt is made to start the car!

If the ‘fuse link’ is not fitted all power is cut-off preventing battery drain and electrical fires in classic cars and cars in storage.


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