Poppy Coral Air Freshener Refill from Richbrook

‘Poppy Coral’ Refill


Put the ‘pop’ back into your Poppy Coral Air Freshener with a genuine Richbrook refill. The attractive 'Lemon Zest' fragrance lasts up to 3 months after opening so, go on, treat your nostrils!

Top tip: To prolong the life of your Poppy Coral Refill, keep it in the fridge.

  • Contains: 1 x Poppy Coral Air Freshener Refill, 1 x double sided stick pad to reattach
  • Suitable for use with all Poppy Coral Air Fresheners
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'Poppy Coral' Air Freshener from Richbrook
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‘Poppy Coral’ Air Freshener

The Poppy Coral Air Freshener remains the UK’s best-looking air freshener. It looks at home atop any dashboard and the dizzying array of anodised colours mean you can tailor your look from OEM to lairy or anything in-between.

  • 110mm x 80mm
  • 8 colours to suit your style
  • Also available with the Ford logo, Vauxhall logo and MG logo.
Richbrook Car Bin
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Richbrook Car Bin


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Richbrook Car Bin

The Richbrook Car Bin is an in-car essential for any motorist! The perfect solution for busy parents, drivers, families and anyone who spends their days behind the wheel.

Simply pop it open, drop in the rubbish and then snap it closed! The bin includes a roll of 30 biodegradable liners for convenience on the move. Each liner holds a whopping 6 litres of rubbish.

Powerful magnets keep the top securely fastened to allow even high-speed merchants to keep their interior ship shape, no matter what’s inside.

The roll of 30 liners supplied with the Car Bin are clever. Very clever. Not only does the next one pop up as you dispose of the rubbish, but each one is made of Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic (OBD), meaning that once exposed to the environment it will harmlessly break down in a matter of months, rather than hundreds of years. Lovely! So your conscience will stay as clean as your interior.


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'PUMP SPRAY' New 2018
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‘Pump’ Air Freshener

The perfect air freshener for those that love the smell but not the look! The naturally fragrant range of Richbrook ‘Pump’ Air Fresheners transforms any interior into a sweet-smelling environment. Talking of which, ours is kinder to the planet as it relies purely on finger power to release those lovely niffs into the cabin; meaning you get 60ml of pure product – and no propellant. As kind to the ozone as it is to the nose-zone. It also means no waste so they last for ages too! Their handy size fits any glove box or door bin so there’s no excuse for not smelling your best.

  • Naturally fragranced to gently refresh your environment and neutralise unwanted odours
  • 60ml of fragrance
  • 6 scents available


Richbrook Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps
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Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps

An incredibly tough teflon tether threads onto the wheels valve ensuring that the valve cap can never be lost when checking tyre pressures. The cap itself is free to spin easily within this tether and, better yet, the pack contains a smart little knurled aluminium “Clean Fingers” security tool to ensure that no matter how much dirt, salt or brake dust is on your rims, you never need get your fingers dirty again!

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