Richbrook Sun Strip

Richbrook Sun Strip


Richbrook sun strip in black with a silver logo.

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Richbrook Wallet Ice Scraper
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Wallet Ice Scraper

Probably the coolest ice scraper in the world!

We've all trashed a credit card de-icing the car; they are just too handy aren't they. So we decided to design a unique stainless steel scraper which you can keep where it's needed most – in your wallet. Such a simple idea, our scraper cuts effortlessly through even the thickest ice.

  • Credit card sized
  • Stylish etched stainless steel
  • Super slim to fit your wallet

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Richbrook Travel Mug
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Richbrook Travel Mug

With its easy to use open/close button and double wall vacuum design to keep your drinks at the temperature you need, this elegant stainless steel thermo Travel Mug is ideal for everyday use.

  • 400ml capacity
  • Supplied with an adjustable cup holder for in-car use
  • Reusable, no need for any more disposable cups
  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold

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Richbrook Keyring
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Richbrook Keyring

Finest cushioned Italian leather fob with hard enamelled badge and chromed split ring.

  • 70mm long Richbrook badge and cushioned fob
  • 30mm diameter chromed split ring

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