Stormguard Waterproof Car Cover Repair Patch Kits

Stormguard Waterproof Car Cover Repair Patch Kits



To repair holes and damage caused by rodents and other wildlife, and accidental damage.

Suitable for our Stormguard covers and all other outdoor covers on the market.

Each ‘kit’ is made up of an 20cm square Inside Patch and an 20cm square Outside Patch. Both patches are coated with industrial grade self-adhesive backings.  So no stitching required.

They can be trimmed to size/shape if required.

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Overbody Storm Strap Set for Outdoor Car Covers – Standard Size

The kit comprises 3 straps – 2 straps are 5.7m long and can be positioned over the bonnet and the boot. 1 strap is 7.5m long and can be positioned over the roof of the car. They are designed to fit over your outdoor cover once the cover has been fitted and underbody straps have been secured.

Simply throw the strap across the vehicle and then pass it back underneath and secure with the easy-click fasteners and tension as required.

The kit is particularly useful if your cover will be unattended for long periods or used in very windy locations.

A storage bag is included.

Please see our large size straps here


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Discarnect Battery Master Switch

Auto Express said “Like all the best ideas, Dis-Car-Nect is simple and very effective” awarded their 5 star highest rating!

‘Dis-Car-Nect’ fits in minutes to ALL battery types.  Simply unscrew the black knob and, if the ‘fuse link is fitted, current will be maintained to all electrics – except the starter motor which will blow the fuse if an attempt is made to start the car!

If the ‘fuse link’ is not fitted all power is cut-off preventing battery drain and electrical fires in classic cars and cars in storage.


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Locking Kit for Richbrook Outdoor Car Covers

The plastic coated steel cable goes under your car through the secure steel eyelets fitted into the lower hems of all our outdoor car covers and is secured in position with the good quality lock supplied.

This effectively secures the cover to the car and acts as a visible theft deterrent.

The neoprene covered lock and plastic coated cable ensure that no part of the kit can scratch your car.

If fitting to a non-Richbrook cover make sure you have eyelets to thread the cable through.


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StormGuard Tailored 4 Layer Outdoor Car Covers

£175 to £350

Our 4 layer fabric is the result of extensive research & development. It is FULLY WATERPROOF, BREATHABLE, SOFT & STRONG. It offers the ultimate protection in all weather and climactic conditions.

It is a unique heavier and thicker four layer fabric that is combined together using heat and ultra-sonic techniques. The outer layer is a robust flexible barrier, the second layer adds padding to protect against accidental scuffs and dings, the third layer is a special waterproof layer that prevents water molecules from passing through whilst still remaining breathable, and the inner layer is a soft non-scratch layer to go against the car bodywork.

Our exclusive UK designs for your particular model ensure that the tailored cover fits snugly as in the pictures. The elasticated hems and the detachable underbody strap system with anti-scratch fittings is included for ease of fitment and to ensure it will not billow in the wind.

Our covers have been designed for cars that remain outdoors year round and will provide complete protection against rain, ice, snow, frost, tree sap, birds, pets, dirt, dust, hot sunshine, scuffs and scratches. The fabric is 100% UV resistant and suitable for continual use in all weather conditions. In summer it keep interiors cool and protects against exterior & interior fade and degeneration.

They are constructed from hard wearing materials, the seams are welded and double stitched and the detachable underbody straps are reinforced for long life and to withstand stormy weather, yet they are light enough to be fitted or removed quickly & easily.

Our covers are supplied in a stylish, practical and sturdy zip-up bag, with detailed fitting and care instructions. There is a name tag on the bag, so if you have more than one cover, you can label and quickly recognise which cover is for which car.

We have covers to fit 99% of cars ever made – but not for vans, commercial vehicles or kit cars. Our car covers usually, but not always, feature fitted door mirror pockets. But, on certain classic cars, mirrors were dealer fit items with differing mirror positions on doors or wings. On other cars the mirrors are very small and do not suit a mirror pocket approach. For these models we have made an allowance to ensure that the cover will accommodate the mirrors if fitted.

They are tailor made to order so will be delivered to you via courier in between 2 and 3 business days.

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