Tax Disc & Permit Holder Spares Kit


Now you can swap your beloved Richbrook Tax Disc & Permit Holder from car to car thanks to this handy Spares Kit.

  • Contains: 8 x sticky pads, 1 x spacer, 1 x Allen key, hex screws and 1 x cleaner wipe
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Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps

The last a lifetime stainless steel valve cap has a Teflon tether which threads onto the wheel valve ensuring that the valve cap will never ever be lost again when checking your tyre pressures!

The cap itself is free to spin easily within this tether and the pack contains a smart little knurled aluminium ‘Clean Fingers’ on/off security tool to ensure that no matter how much dirt or brake dust is on your rims, you never need get your fingers dirty again.

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Wallet Ice Scraper

Probably the coolest ice scraper in the world!

We've all trashed a credit card de-icing the car; they are just too handy aren't they. So we decided to design a unique stainless steel scraper which you can keep where it's needed most – in your wallet. Such a simple idea, our scraper cuts effortlessly through even the thickest ice.

  • Credit card sized
  • Stylish etched stainless steel
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Magnetic Never Lose Valve Caps

Sick and tired of driving off after checking your tyre pressures and leaving your valve caps on the ground…never to be seen again? Well here’s the answer – our Magnetic Valve Caps! Simply put them on the car bodywork whilst you check your tyres and, even if you do forget and leave them on the bodywork, the super strong little magnets will keep them secure up to the speed limit and beyond.

  • Set of 4 – clean fingers on/off tool included
  • Precision aluminium cap with a corrosion proof nylon core
  • These caps will last a lifetime!


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