Vauxhall Outdoor Car Cover

Vauxhall Branded Tailored Outdoor Car Covers



If your car is not listed please contact us as we are continually adding to our range.

Our covers are the only Vauxhall branded covers approved by Vauxhall and are only available from us. They are designed for outdoor use but due to their lightweight construction are also perfect for indoor use.

Our exclusive UK designs for your particular model ensure that the cover fits snugly and elasticated hems and a unique detachable strap system is included for ease of fitment.

Fabric breathability ensures that damp or condensation can evaporate away from the covered car whilst water resistance is maintained by a special bonded coating that ensures that 95% of rain is shed from the fabric surface.

They are manufactured from a latest generation 210G lightweight silver fabric that reflects UV and sunshine and has a very high tear strength, yet weighs less than 2kg!  They feature double stitching for strength and elasticated hems. There are 2 detachable and simple clip-to-fit undercar straps to keep the cover secure in windy conditions.

The construction and durability of our Vauxhall covers makes them a favourite in both hot climates and very cold conditions. The fabric is non-abrasive and compresses down to a compact size that is ideal for tucking away in the boot when not in use.

They are supplied in a generously proportioned zipped storage bag. There is a name tag on the bag so, if you have more than one cover, you can label the bag and quickly recognise which cover is meant for which car.

Double stitched seams are used throughout to maintain a watertight finish and long life. Our Vauxhall covers have been designed for cars that remain outdoors year round and will provide great protection against rain, ice, snow, frost, tree sap, birds, pets, dirt, dust, hot sunshine, scuffs and scratches.

The fabric is 100% UV resistant and suitable for continual use in all weather conditions. In summer they keep interiors cool and protect against top & interior fade and degeneration.

We have covers to fit 99% of cars ever made – but not for vans, commercial vehicles or kit cars. Our car covers usually, but not always, feature fitted door mirror pockets. But, on certain classic cars, mirrors were dealer fit items with differing mirror positions on doors or wings. For these models we have made an allowance to ensure that the cover will accommodate the mirrors if fitted.

They are tailor made to order so will be delivered to you via courier in between 2 and 3 business days.

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Weight 2.8 kg

Adam Hatch (From 2012), Antara 4×4 (From 2007), Astra Hatch (1985 – 2006), Astra H/C Estate (From 2004), Astra H/C Hatch (2004 – 2009), Astra VXR/GTC with roof spoiler Coupe (From 2009), Calibra Coupe (1989 – 1997), Carlton Inc Lotus Carlton Saloon (1978 – 1994), Cavalier Mk1 Sal/Hatch (1975 – 1981), Cavalier Mk2 Estate Estate (1981 – 1988), Cavalier Mk2, Mk3 Sal/Hatch (1981 – 1995), Chevette Sal/Hatch (1975 – 1984), Corsa Hatch (1982 – 2000), Corsa C ’00-’06 & Corsa D Hatch (From 2007), Cresta, Velox PA, PB Saloon (1957 – 1965), Cresta, Velox PC Saloon (1965 – 1972), Firenza Coupe (1970 – 1975), Frontera 4×4 (1991 – 2004), Insignia Estate (From 2009), Insignia Saloon (From 2009), Magnum Sal/Coupe (1973 – 1978), Meriva A Mini MPV (2002 – 2010), Meriva B Mini MPV (From 2010), Monaro Coupe (2001 – 2006), Monterey 4×4 (1994 – 1999), Nova Hatch (1982 – 1993), Omega, Senator Saloon (1994 – 2003), Signum Estate (2003 – 2007), Vectra Estate (From 2002), Vectra Saloon (1998 – 2001), Vectra Saloon (From 2002), Victor ‘F’ Saloon (1957 – 1961), Victor FB, FC, FD, FE, Ventora, VX4/90 Saloon (1961 – 1978), Viva Hatch (From 2015), Viva HA, HB Saloon (1963 – 1975), Viva HC Saloon (1976 – 1979), VX220 Sports (2001 – 2005), VXR8 Saloon (From 2007), Zafira MPV (1999 – 2006), Zafira MPV (2005 – 2009), Zafira MPV (2006 – 2011), Zafira Tourer MPV (From 2011)


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