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Anti-Theft Number Plate Bolts


These days, criminals are stealing the number plates from the cars of innocent motorists to use for nefarious purposes. Either changing the identity of a stolen car, or to allow them to rack up various motoring offences, whilst you get the tickets. Don't become a victim! Our solution to this increasingly common crime uses special 'spinning sleeves', which mean that thieves can't use normal tools to remove your plates.

  • Contains: 2 x black, 2 x yellow and 2 x silver anti-theft bolts with spinning washers, 1 x unique locking tool and 1 x hex wrench
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Spinning Anti-Theft Caps from Richbrook
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Spinning Anti-Theft Caps

These best-selling Spinning Anti Theft Valve Caps are designed to look hot and stay put!

  • Contains: 4 x Valve Caps, 1 x locking tool
  • Nickel plated brass core with anodised aluminium spinning sleeve
  • Spare unique locking tool available for £2.95

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Richbrook Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps
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Never Lose Tethered Valve Caps

An incredibly tough teflon tether threads onto the wheels valve ensuring that the valve cap can never be lost when checking tyre pressures. The cap itself is free to spin easily within this tether and, better yet, the pack contains a smart little knurled aluminium “Clean Fingers” security tool to ensure that no matter how much dirt, salt or brake dust is on your rims, you never need get your fingers dirty again!

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Richbrook Anti-Theft Aerial
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Anti-Theft Aerial


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Anti-Theft Aerial

The Richbrook Anti-Theft Car Aerial is sleek, stylish and designed to stay in place! The 'anti-theft' mechanism makes it very difficult to steal but easily removable for car wash. The aerial fits most cars with a screw in aerial.

  • Contains: 1 x anti-theft aerial, 2 x different length rods and a range of different sized thread attachments, 1 x fitting kit
  • Slim-line spanner (included) fits on a hidden flatted face within the recess on the aerial, allowing it to be tightened up as a theft deterrent
  • FM reception may be affected in certain areas

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Richbrook Stainless Steel Number Plate Surround
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Stainless Steel Number Plate Surround

A touch of pure class for any car of any age. These polished stainless steel surrounds are impervious to the perils of British weather – even salt! You can fit the surround using existing screws or the double sided sticky pads supplied.

  • Contains: 1 x Stainless Steel Number Plate Surround & sticky pads for fixing.
  • Fits any EU number plate
  • No drilling required

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