Richbrook Super Soft Blue Indoor Car Cover

Richbrook Indoor Car Covers


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As supplied to car manufacturers and prestige and classic car dealerships, our super soft, super stretchy and super strong indoor car covers are carefully designed to ensure they will fit your car as snugly as the cars in the pictures.

Available in Blue, Black or Red, the lycra blended satin fabric ensures the cover clings to the contours of your car, whilst the tightly woven fabric protects against dust and other pollutants but, very importantly, remains breathable to prevent condensation forming on your car.

The super snug fit and low profile seams ensure a sleek finish and a cover which not only looks amazing but also provides protection against knocks and dings.

Our covers are supplied in a generously sized zip-up bag, with detailed fitting and care instructions – they are machine washable and can be tumble dried. A name tag is included, so if you have more than one cover, you can label and quickly recognise which cover is meant for which car.

All covers have a small, discrete silver Richbrook logo on one side.

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