Rolls-Royce Car Covers

Your Rolls-Royce is, quite possibly, one of the most important things in the world to you, and anything that important is well worth protecting! Here at Richbrook we offer the perfect solutions to your Rolls-Royce car cover needs. Whether you’re in need of a Tailored Outdoor Cover or a Super Soft Indoor Cover we have the cover for you.

Super Soft Indoor Car Covers
Our Super Strong, Super Stretchy and Super soft indoor car covers are carefully designed to ensure they will fit your car perfectly. Available in Black, Blue or Red, our thicker 180gsm lycra blended satin fabric ensures the cover clings to the contours of your car, whilst the tightly woven fabric protects against dust and other pollutants.

Tailored Outdoor Car Covers
Tailor made to fit your Rolls-Royce perfectly, they offer excellent protection against the elements. Due to the use of a unique breathable fabric, they are perfect for hot, cold and wet weather conditions. Easy to handle lightweight fabric make them ideal for indoor use also.

Our covers are available for ALL Rolls-Royce models including Camargue, Phantom 1 Piccadilly Roadster, Phantom 11 Continental, Phantom Coupe, Phantom IV, Phantom V, Phantom V1, Phantom VI, Silver Dawn, Silver Seraph, Silver Shadow, Silver Shadow Cabriolet, Silver Shadow Coachbuilt, Silver Shadow I, Silver Shadow I Coupe, Silver Shadow I LWB, Silver Wraith, Silver Wraith 11, Silver Wrath 4.5 Litre, Silver Wrath 4.6 Litre and Silver Wrath LWB.

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