Indoor Car Covers

As supplied to car manufacturers and prestige and classic car dealerships (quantity discounts available – please ask), our Supersoft, Superstretchy, Superstrong indoor car covers are carefully designed to ensure they will fit your car perfectly.

Available in Blue, Black or Red, the 180gsm lycra blended satin fabric, clings to the contours of your car and provides 100% protection against UV damage, dust and other pollutants but, very importantly, is 100% breathable to prevent condensation forming on your car. (Beware of thinner 130gsm covers which rip and tear very easily, are not dust proof and are too thin to protect your car properly.)

Our car covers are supplied in a generously sized zip-up bag.  A name tag is included, so if you have more than one cover, you can label and quickly recognise which cover is meant for which car.